James Gandolfini’s Friends React To His Passing: ‘A Kind, Funny, Wonderful Guy’

By now you know that James Gandolfini passed away in Italy yesterday. There are more details about what happened, and all of the details are pretty sad. James had brought his son Michael (who is in 8th grade) to Sicily for a “guys’ trip” to the Taormina film festival, and it was Michael who was in the room when his father collapsed. James was conscious or semi-conscious when Michael called for help and when hotel staffers entered the room, but by the time James arrived at the hospital after a short ambulance ride, he was dead. TMZ says that James’ first wife (Michael’s mother) flew to Italy to be with Michael. I’m assuming that James’ current wife Deborah Lin also flew to Italy to bring her husband home.

The reactions from James’ friends, colleagues and fans have been pouring in overnight as the news broke. I believe it was HBO executives who confirmed the news to most media outlets

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