James Franco’s Instagram Shows His Brilliant Sense Of Humor & Is Basically A ‘Bedroom Selfie’ Gallery

Creativity Strikes!
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Believe it or not, there was a time when I thought James Franco was just some serious, intelligent actor. The list of schools he has attended alone makes him rather impressive, never mind his filmography.

While browsing his Instagram, I found it difficult to take him seriously.

Let’s pretend I’m your tour guide, shall we? You can tip me when we’ve concluded this exciting voyage.

By now you’ve probably heard about the Franco/Keegan Allen bedroom selfie that stirred tons of buzz. Who wouldn’t love to see two hot actors in bed together? Pretty Little Liars fans definitely had a lot to say about their beloved “Toby”.

Fans of the actor have taken note of the numerous shirtless selfies cluttering his page. As you’ll see in our gallery, someone even made a meme out of the situation.

Continuous shirtlessness aside, Franco is pretty hilarious. He responds to his fans using various memes, and even had his own that cheer him on. I’m sure we’ve all seen a meme with Ryan Gosling on it. James loves those too.

For more artistic bedroom selfies and hilarity, launch our gallery! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!