James Franco, Stephen Dorff & Jamie Campbell Bower Bring The Celebrity Hot To Milan Fashion Week

James Franco's Butt
James Franco's butt covers an alternate Flaunt cover.
Well hello there, gentleman!

Looks like we have Milan Fashion Week to thank for bringing these three very handsome men together. How about we take this one hot dude at a time? James Franco was all over the place at Fashion Week as he looked dashing in a suit and enjoyed some Gucci. James Franco and Gucci, now that is a perfect collaboration.

Also, you will see nothing cuter this week than Stephen Dorff and Jamie Campbell Bower enjoying a laugh together. No really, that’s as cute as it gets. If you don’t believe me, check the gallery. 

Also, Jamie! Where’s your girlfriend, Lily Collins at? You two are lovely together. Oh! If she comes, then you and Lily can double date with Stephen and his lady. Or triple date by including James and whatever lady he decides on that evening. Now that’s some Instagramming I’d like to see.

Launch the gallery to appreciate all the hotness going on at Milan Fashion Week. I think we should have Fashion Week every week, just cause it gives celebs and models a chance to be sexy!