James Franco Reminds Us He Looks Good In A Suit, Chooses Between Team Bloom Or Team Bieber

James Franco Kisses
James Franco kisses and flirts with himself.
Yeah, he might sometimes be a total creeper, but god damn it does James Franco look way, way hot in a suit.

The actor hit the red carpet in New York City last night for the premiere of his new movie, Child of God. And because he’s James Franco, he didn’t just star in this movie. No, he wrote and directed it too. These are the things you can learn at James Franco film school!

But the movie premiere wasn’t even the most important thing that happened last night. 

It was Stephen Colbert asking James if he’s Team Bloom or Team Bieber, referring to the pair’s fight in Ibiza. Obviously James chose the correct team because despite what he might want us to think, dude’s got brains.

Also, he totally hijacked Colbert’s Christmas card. Stephen shows us. It’s hilarious. Check out their interview below–it’s awesome–then launch the gallery for some Franco hotness. Hey look! The love of his life Lana Del Ray even showed up. So sweet.