James Franco Puts On Director’s Hat For Seven For All Mankind [PHOTO & VIDEO]

Franco For Gucci
James Franco poses for Gucci.
James Franco has tried doing just about everything – from porn to soap operas. So why not fashion advertising?

The 33-year-old actor stepped behind the camera, serving as a director for Seven For All Mankind’s brand new ad campaign. The California-based designer jean brand hired Franco to film 10 videos, to be released weekly on YouTube beginning on Feb. 15.

“The look of the film and the clothes feels very Seventies . . . we shot right on the beach and drove up the PCH [Pacific Coast Highway], so I guess you could say it’s a vintage 1970’s California dreamy feel,” Franco recently told Women’s Wear Daily.

“The movies that I cut together have a lot of weird double exposures and super-imposed images over other images, so it’s a real, I guess you could say, trip,” he added.

Watch James’ behind the scenes video for Seven For All Mankind.