James Franco Premieres ‘127 Hours’ in New York, Wears Colorful Underwear

Last night James Franco premiered his film 127 Hours in New York City and is getting rave reviews for his performance. MovieFone recently compiled 127 facts about Franco – who knew there were so many, well, they didn’t tout them all as interesting. But here are some highlights:

  • He shares his April 19 birthdate with Dudley Moore, Kate Hudson, Hayden Christensen, Tim Curry, Jayne Mansfield and Jesse James.
  • As a teen, he was known as Ted, short for his middle name. His family also called him Ted.
  • He was a vegetarian — until he started working at McDonald’s.
  • Sharon Stone has purchased some of his paintings.
  • He wears American Apparel underwear. In several colors.

The rest, well…you can read for yourself.