James Franco On Perfect Collaborations

May 24th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

James Franco recently stopped by Terry Richardson‘s studio and had some pictures snapped of him.

He also revealed to Filmmaker Magazine his ten lessons in filmmaking. Here is one of lessons:

With Gus Van Sant, everyone will say, “Oh, Gus has very little to say on set.” But one of the reasons that he doesn’t have to say much is that he is a master at assigning people to the perfect roles and bringing the perfect people together on a project, whether it’s casting the right actors or using Harris Savides (may he rest in peace) for the past decade or so. So that when all these elements come together, he can just stand back and let them naturally coalesce. And every once in a while he’ll come in and make little adjustments, but it doesn’t need to be forceful. 

Check out all ten of James Franco’s filmmaking lessons at Filmmaker.

Launch the gallery to check out a few of the pics by Terry Richardson. You can check them all out at TerrysDiary.com.

By Michael Prieve

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