James Franco May Quite Possibly Be Dating Ashley Benson? [PHOTOS]

Franco For Gucci
James Franco poses for Gucci.
Ashley Benson Red Carpet Looks
A look at her best ensembles.
There’s a new-couple alert…maybe. And get your tissues (or kidnapping supplies, if that’s the direction you’d like to go in) ready, cuz this one’s gonna be hard to take in, if it’s true.

There are rumors that James Franco is dating his Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson.  Yep, you heard me. It’s pretty…shocking, random and unexpected to me. The pair was reportedly seen walking in Washington Square Park together in early October, and were reportedly seen last week at Los Angeles’ Haunted Hayride. Despite all of this news, neither actors or their reps could be reached to confirm or deny this matter.

Now, maybe it’s just me being bitter about James Franco’s possible commitment to someone else but me, but I think this is a strange couple. But, when you really think about it, it’s not too much of a stretch. Franco, who has been single for a while after splitting with long time girlfriend Ahna O’Reilly, has just co-starred with 4 very beautiful girls in a movie. The other of his female leads that he was getting cozy with was Selena Gomez. But since Justin Bieber probably appeared as her tiny knight in chromed-out armor, Franco may have had to set his sights higher. Hey–he’s good looking, and so is she. Why not? However, the Pretty Little Liars actress has been seen frequently out and about with other men, minus any traces of Franco. Perhaps these rumors are just that; a rumor. Or maybe we are about to witness the beginning of a long term relationship. I’m hoping it’s the first, personally.

But in the world of Hollywood, things can change in an instant. Announcements can be made, and instantly seen around the world; just ask Kristen Stewart!

Either way, the pair will be reuniting in the near future in order to promote their new film, Spring Breakers which premieres in March, 2013.

Check out the gallery to see Ashley Benson all smiles at the launch party of Just Dance4.