James Franco’s Newest Transformation: Porn Mogul! [PHOTOS]

Porn Mogul In Making?
He had to ditch the scruff for the biopic; we miss it already.
Totally official:  James Franco has landed one of the coolest roles ever. The role? Why, the illustrious Hugh Hefner in upcoming film, Lovelace.

The actor-turned-professor-turned-photographer-turned-who-even-knows-anymore was spotted on set, already in character as he was wearing that infamous red velvet smoking jacket and cream scarf. His Lovelace co-stars include Peter Sarsgaard, playing Chuck Traynor, and Amanda Seyfried, who will be playing (who else?) the titular character, Linda Lovelace.

This isn’t Franco’s first foray into the world of pornin more ways than one. Franco was also in Cherry, where his character also observed the porn industry from the sidelines.

Well, I guess Franco really wants to say he’s “done it all”… even if he’s not, like, actually doing it all. Not a bad way to add “making porn” to a resume!