James Franco Looks Surprisingly Cute On The Set Of ‘The Adderall Diaries’, Even Amber Heard Seems Impressed

Do you have those celebrities that you always forget are as hot as they are? I’m like that with James Franco.

Like, I know that he’s super attractive because I’ve lusted after him before, but then you hear about him trying to pick up a 17-year-old girl on Instagram, and his hotness sort of fades away.

Lucky for me–and for you–the actor was looking like his hot self once again on the New York City set of his new movie, The Adderall Diaries. Even his co-star Amber Heard seemed into him. 

Maybe it’s because she’s so used to looking at Johnny Depp these days, she’s happy for the change. Also, I have to say that I much prefer James’ Instagram photos when they’re not shirtless, bed selfies. Like this one is cute:

Although the caption “Sportin’ that Gooch, E’RY day. GUCCI MANE #chimeforchange @gucci” does give me a headache. Wait, isn’t James in Of Mice & Men on Broadway right now? So he’s filming during the day and acting on stage at night? That man is busy.

So today, let’s all focus on his cuteness. Can we do that? Great. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos and appreciate it for yourself.