James Franco Looking Scruffy At ‘Sal’ Premiere At The Austin Film Festival [VIDEO]

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James Franco attended the premiere of Sal at the Paramount Theater during the 2011 Austin Film Festival in Austin, Texas yesterday (October 23rd) to a cheering crowd as fans lined the red carpet.  ‘I’ve been following the movies that he does and his education choices, and I feel he’s a real inspirational actor,” fan Allison Lambert told WFAA television.

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Franco wrote, directed and acted in the film about the late actor Sal Mineo, who starred alongside James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause.  “I was aware of his work, and his new biography came out, and I just thought he was an actor I admire but I just thought he had a particularly tragic story,” Franco explained.  Mineo was stabbed to death by his West Hollywood apartment in 1976.

Check out Franco’s interview at the film festival after the jump.

By Kelly Lynch

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