James Franco Isn’t Nervous About His Broadway Debut, Could Be Your Future Acting Coach

A Little Creepy
James Franco hits on Emma Roberts...but for a movie.
A man with a nice smile is a great man in my book. Both James Franco and his younger brother, Dave Franco, have amazing, mega-watt smiles.

The older Franco recently had cause for celebration: opening an art exhibit in New York.

Interesting photos of the man are on display, including ones of him in drag. Anyone who visits is surely in for a treat. What has drawn more buzz as of late career-wise would have to be his Broadway debut.

If you weren’t aware, the actor is portraying George in the Broadway adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Chris O’Dowd co-stars as mentally handicapped, Lennie, and recently married Leighton Meester also stars.

When speaking about his role on Broadway and his lack of nervousness, the professional explained, “I’ve learned that if you work with people that you trust, that you depend on, then you just flow with it.”

Practically a genius, in the process of obtaining his Ph.D from Yale in addition to his degrees from UCLA and New York University, James is in on opening an acting school with pal, Jim Parrack.

In a recent interview, Parrack spoke about how he would be opening an acting school and dropped his co-stars name in relation to his latest endeavor. On what they’re planning, he shared, “we’re going to have his Studio 4 and my Playhouse West Brooklyn Lab combine and be one acting school out here on the east coast.”

They’re going to offer filmmaking workshops, acting classes, and theater directing classes.

Would you like James Franco to be your acting coach? Launch our gallery to see the exuberant actor and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!