James Franco Gets Really Excited About ‘Palo Alto’ On Instagram

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When I think of James Franco, I always imagine someone who’s energetic all the time, and maybe constantly yelling too. At least, that’s how his Instagram makes me think of him.

James Franco and Emma Roberts appeared at the premiere of Palo Alto at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City, both looking pretty classy. Emma was rocking a boxy black and grey dress while James wore a pinstriped suit with a navy blue tie. Simple yet elegant looks that worked for both of them. Good job, team.

James was clearly excited about the premiere (just as excited as we are about the movie), and was blowing up his Instagram with pictures before hand, with the captions mostly all in caps. Like I said, I bet he’s always yelling. 

There was a pictures of James posing with his head pressed against Emma’s, with the caption, “My f***’n GIRL, Emma Roberts – PALO ALTO!!!!”


There was also a picture of James in the car on the way to the premiere, wearing sunglasses because why not. He said, “TRIBECA FILM FEST HERE WE COME WITH THA GOOCH!” Oh, James Franco.


My favorite picture though had nothing to do with the premiere. Somewhere along the way of getting ready for the premiere James found his name and “number” written somewhere, with a comment about how James would, er, take care of whoever called. James classily responded, “YOU WISH, BIOATCHES!!!!!! Mmmm, post me them#s!!!!!” Slightly creepy, but you know, whatever.

Speaking of James being creepy, has anyone else noticed how his whole hitting on a 17-year-old girl through Instagram fiasco disappeared really quickly? Maybe people just wrote it off as a publicity stunt and moved on. He’s definitely a little weird, so I think people just sort of go with it. Oh James, how we love you.

By Caitlin Anders

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