James Franco Covers Vogue Hommes [PHOTOS]

James Franco covers the latest issue of Vogue Hommes International with a sexy look on his face.

Inside the magazine is another story. He’s seen smiling, looking stone-faced and taking a shower while wearing a tuxedo. Would we have our James Franco any other way?

James has always been an intense guy, even back when he was on Freaks and Geeks.

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Cougar Town’s Busy Philipps, who played his girlfriend Kim on Freaks and Geeks, chimed in with a disturbing anecdote about her costar’s tendency to improvise, reports the L.A. Times. She said Franco had created an elaborate back story in which his character had “maybe been abused by his father, and so he didn’t want any physicality between him and his girlfriend. This was unbeknownst to me.” They were shooting a scene in which their characters were arguing and she was supposed to lightly hit him on the arm.

When she did, Phillips recalled that Franco yelled, “‘Don’t you ever [expletive] touch me again!’ and threw me to the ground. I had the wind knocked out of me.” She then ran into her trailer crying.

Oh James. Such the method actor. Watch James’ video appearance at PayleyFest’s Freaks and Geeks presentation.

(Photos via The StyleSite)