James Franco And Leighton Meester Take On Broadway As ‘Of Mice And Men’ Opens In NYC

April 17th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

It’s always a big deal when celebrities transition their way over to Broadway, and the classic tale Of Mice And Men just got a little more exciting with an all star cast.

A recent production of Of Mice And Men, directed by Anna D. Sharpiro, made it’s debut performance last night at the Longacre Theater in New York City. The show stars celebrities James Franco, Leighton Meester, and Chris O’Dowd, a solid cast for a great story. 

The stars looked great for opening night and at the after party, especially Leighton. She wore a long blue deep V dress with a long slit down the center by Versace, a gorgeous choice and a dress I totally wish I had.

Other stars were also there to celebrate, including Katie Couric and the adorable Dave Franco, who broke out his best suit to support his brother. He’s too cute, but we knew that already. 

Of Mice And Men hasn’t been seen on Broadway in over 40 years, so this production was much anticipated. The reviews of the show are in, and it’s being said that, “Franco brings warmth and understated manliness to George in a performance that grows more assured as the play progresses. Most crucially, Franco has beautiful chemistry with O’Dowd…Irish actor O’Dowd is tremendous in a part that could easily stray into mawkish territory.”

James wasn’t nervous about his big broadway debut, but apparently Chris out shown him a little bit. Another reviewer commented, “Franco? He’s pretty good in his Broadway debut as George, but O’Dowd, in a tricky role, steals the show…”

I guess we should go and check it out for ourselves? For a chance at a glimpse of James or Dave Franco, I’m definitely onboard.

By Caitlin Anders

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