James Franco, Alexander Skarsgard, Daniel Radcliffe And A Slew Of Celebs Invade Sundance [PHOTOS]

Sundance 2012
Ryan Kwanten at the annual film festival.
If you are attending the Sundance Film Festival, there is a good chance you may never make it into a theater, but if you’re up for some major celebrity sightings, this is the place to be.

Hollywood has flocked to the Sundance Film Festival and a ton of celebrities are in town to promote their latest film, or to just get photographed. Paris Hilton and Phoebe Price, I’m talking to you!

If you’re hoping to track down celebrities at Sundance, a good bet is to hang with Skippy Jessop

Jessop, 35, is a fixture on Main Street, easily spotted by his T-shirt, which he’s emblazoned with an iron-on reading Famous Virgin. The Utah native has been coming to the film festival for the last 10 years with one intention: to meet celebrities. He used to try to get into movies, but now he mostly wanders up and down Main Street and waits outside of theater venues in the hopes of adding another image to his massive celebrity photo collection. (He has a website, iamskippy.com.)

“I have a four-prong strategy,” explained Jessop to the LA Times, a Mormon who appeared on TLC’s Virgin Diaries last summer. “Celebrities need to see their movie, they need a place to stay, a place to eat and a place to do press. That’s how I find them.”

If you could meet one celebrity at Sundance, who would it be? Let us know in the comments below.