James Franco Admits He May Be Worst Oscars Host

Ever since it was announced that James Franco would be 1/2 of the hosting team for the Oscars, I was concerned. I mean…he’s absolutely strange and will probably be neither funny or charming. Well, it seems many people told him not to take the job – and that’s precisely why he did it.

“When we finally met and discussed it in person, all my representatives were saying, ‘No! Of course not!'” Franco recalled. “So that always sparks something in me. So I said, ‘Yes, of course!’ Because that reaction that they have is based on conventional wisdom of what makes a good career. And that can be boring — really boring.”

I’ll give him credit for taking a risk…but I feel that we’ll all suffer for his night of fun!

He basically is taking the whole thing with a grain of salt, knowing that even if he bombs completely, no one will really care in the long run and that eventually everyone will forget it. No, I won’t. Because an elephant never forgets.

“I’m happy to take the criticism. Even if it’s ‘The Worst Oscars Ever,’ I don’t care. It’s one night of the year,” Franco said.