Jamaican Hair Beads Work Wonders For Katie Holmes’ Soul

In a new twist that doesn’t involve tears, Katie Holmes was spotted donning some funky Jamaican braids on the set of her new movie, The Extra Man, yesterday.

It’s always a relief to see the former Dawson’s Creak actress stepping outside of the vat known as Stepford Wifedom to Tom Cruise, especially with how morbid she’s been looking lately.  She even laughed while filming a scene with co-star Paul Dano yesterday, for which I think he deserves a medal. 

I’m hoping this movie – which involves an “elderly eccentric” (Kevin Kline), Dano’s fascination with transvestites, and playful, edgy role for Katie – will be a career upgrade from playing a cheesy faux-feminist bank robber in Mad Money or even taking the elite Broadway stage in All My Sons

at the very least, maybe it  – and the distance between her and Los
Angeles (ie. Tom) – will give her a chance to remember what her own
heartbeat sounds like.  Maybe she’ll even start picking out her own clothes again!

Gallery Info: Katie Holmes on the set of her new movie The Extra Man