Jake Pavelka’s Ex Girlfriend Says He’s Lying To Vienna

It looks like one double-crossing guy thought to use a prepaid cell phone.

As Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi left The Ivy yesterday snuggly and smooching, his ex was calling him out in Life And Style. Ex-girlfriend Tanya Douglas tells a story that sounds a lot like the one an anonymous caller told a Florida radio station earlier this month.

She says the two were dating after The Bachelorette and when he got the call for The Bachelor he didn’t want to do it telling her “Everything I was looking for I’ve found in you.” Awww. Hold that thought.

A few months later he changed his tune. Douglas says the DWTS contestant is obsessed with being on TV and the series offered to pay him $500,000. “He told me he was having financial problems,” she says. “He told me, ‘I know a way I can get out of this financial burden — I could be the Bachelor. Maybe I can persuade the producers to let you be on the show and be one of the 25 contestants, and then it’s rigged for me the whole time, and in the end we can still be together and have the money.'” Now that’s a good break up line.

She says the contact didn’t end after he went on the show though. After the taping of the show concluded he called her from a different phone number that she later found out was a prepaid cell phone. It sounds like they exclusively communicated over the phone including texts she showed the magazine. In December he told her that he proposed to Vienna, but still loved her, in fact “never loved anyone more.” She believes Jake is a different person on the show and Vienna is being lied to. It’s not clear when the relationship between Jake and Tanya stopped, but she says he warned her not to talk to the media for her own protection.

The only thing I’m finding hard to swallow is that Jake was initially having financial problems.