Jake On The Street

April 14th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Personally, I’ll be more than happy when fuzzy Jake says bye-bye. Give me back my clean cut Jake.

Here we have Jake hanging out with another one of his heterosexual male friends. We are hoping that while trying to combat the gay rumors, Jake piss off any of the gay mafia while doing so. Sir Ian McKellen wasn’t too happy about Jake’s negative comments about kissing Heath Ledger.

“I got very upset when [Gyllenhaal] said it was the most terrifying job he’d ever had because it involved him kissing another man. Imagine how rude that is. Suppose I’d said the most appalling thing I ever to do was kiss Helen Mirren!”

Ian McKellen annoyed by Jake Gyllenhaal’s kissing comments [Fametastic]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. las

    Ian, calm down. He was only speaking for himself, not the rest of the world.

  2. moi.

    is he or is he not gay?

  3. PHDinNYC4Dems

    Don’t you know the full beard is this spring’s “it” male fashion accessory. GyllenHo is just being trendy. Come summer i’m sure it’s gone.

    An Ian should be upset. Whats terrifying about kissing another guy? It’s only worrisome if you’re not secure in who you are.

  4. C

    Ian needs to get over hisself. Not everyone is gay and not everyone is comfortable kissing the same sex. It’s ok to be scared of it, especially if you are worried that after the movie people will pigeonhole you as a gay man. Gee, isn’t that exactly what happened? Guess Jake had every reason to be afraid of kissing Heath. The only reason why Heath got off so easy is because he ended up having a baby with his female co-star Michelle Williams. Give me a break Ian.

  5. OK, Ian. But guess how eager Helen Mirren is to swap spit with you?

  6. Maddyboy

    At least Jake was being honest. I mean, after all, he is straight. And that makes him even hotter!

  7. what is he pulling off a Carrie Bradshaw???
    I remember him saying that ‘he wouldn’t be afraid of it’ if he felt attracted to another man. right on.

  8. My Jake

    Jake is great! He’s single, and as handsome as he is, he could have a bevy of young starlets in Hollywood, but he’s not a whore. I have total respect for him. He is not gay, but a one-woman type of man, and I love that. So rare these days. This is the guy you want to take home to mom and dad, the guy who is loyal and who wants marriage and a family. This is the man you want as your husband. What a great catch!

  9. Cina

    My Jake – so true. So, so true! :-)

  10. gina

    no way no way its gross ? think my manly man jake:)he’s so not gay…

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