Jake Gyllenhaal’s Broadway Dreams

June 14th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Jake on Broadway. I’d hit it. Reportedly, Jake Gyllenhaal is considering to star in the political stage drama Farragut North, to open this fall, the show’s producer, Jeffrey Richards, confirms to PEOPLE. Gyllenhaal’s decision is expected by the end of this week.

News of Gyllenhaal’s prospective Broadway debut was first reported in the New York Post, which said a private reading of the work was held last week.

Gyllenhaal would play an idealistic communications director for an unorthodox presidential candidate said to be based on 2004 Democratic candidate Howard Dean. The play’s title refers to the Washington, D.C., metro stop located near the offices of several lobbyists, the Post reports.

According to The New York Times, the show’s creator, Brooklyn-based Beau Willimon, 29, is “a playwright [who] worked on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign.”

The line for tickets starts here.

By Jessica Marx

  1. Loob

    I wish they had named it “Foggy Bottom”.
    That’s the coolest metro stop. Obviously.

  2. silvarga

    Loob, They couldn’t name it “Foggy Bottom” because Jake would giggle uncontrollably everytime it was mentioned.

    Wha? There’s no singing or dancing in this Broadway show? Jake could AT LEAST attempt to do a little Gene Kelly soft-shoe during the performance! THIS IS A TRAVESTY!!! Okay, baby steps, baby steps…

  3. LoRider

    Queer as a football bat. Ride Lo

  4. Meadow1

    When you can’t open a movie, you run away to Broadway, or in this case, sashay away to Broadway.

  5. aw!

    If he says yes, I hope it doesn’t ruin his career. That sounds like a really boring play. I can’t imagine watching it.

  6. Ugh

    Ugh, some really stupid comments here. Some of you need to get a life, stop with the idiotic stereotyping and grow up!

    Jake is a very talented actor and I think this would be a great opportunity for him.

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