Jake Gyllenhaal Was Constantly Shirtless And British On ‘Prince Of Persia’ Set

Lucky cast and crew….

The budget wasn’t the only big thing about Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Jake Gyllenhaal’s pecs were like mountains and his abs, well…check it out for yourself.

Jakey was very proud of his body transformation, though he looks like he’s back to his old self while signing autographs for fans in London yesterday. For the film he went through rigorous cardio and power circuits to achieve his Prince Dastan shape. “He was very proud of the way his body looked,” says a source. “He was constantly shirtless.”

Not only did her remain shirtless, but a source says he would stay in character on the set and talk to everyone with a British accent when he wasn’t shooting. Um…what smarty pants can tell me why a Prince from Persia has a British accent? I went looking for the trailer to make sure and, yes sir, that’s British.