Jake Gyllenhaal Refuses To Pick A Team

Sports, folks, we’re talking about sports.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a promotional machine, making the media rounds in New York yesterday (May 23) in one of his favorite looks to pimp The Prince of Persia. He even talked to a reporter from ESPN during the Boston Celtics vs. Olrando Magic Game on Saturday (May 22) taking the chance to talk P.O.P. Not before she asked the sports fan, who has attended both Celtics and Lakers, to pick a team.

 “I’m waiting for a Boston, LA series first and then I’ll be able to make my decision there,” he says, adding “There’s no fans like the Boston fans, that’s for sure.”

True, they are dedicated and extreme, which means they probably don’t accept half ass fans. Too close to the release date to alienate anyone, Jakey or just eager to make friends?

Check out his diplomatic response in the video after the jump.