Jake Gyllenhaal Gives Joe Namath The Hollywood Treatment

Jake Gyllenhaal is heading into the football world! Bleacher Report confirms that Jake is set to portray New York Jets’ quarterback Joe Namath in a film about his life. The casting seems pretty obvious since Jake actually looks a lot like Joe, but the real question is can Jake pull off being the football star?

Joe Namath was one of the first stars of football to become famous all over America and create a place for himself in the media spotlight. Hopefully, the film will stay to true to these facts and Jake can muster that charisma that Joe was known for.

No one is quite sure where exactly the film will begin to chronicle to Joe’s life, but several ideas that Bleacher Report throws out include him playing with the Alabama Crimson Tide or with him choosing to sign with the Jets and not the St. Louis Cardinals.

You know, I don’t tend to enjoy football movies so much, but this one sounds like it could be very good. The filmmakers know that they have a whole generation of people who grew up watching Joe Namath to impress, plus a whole new generation of those who aren’t familiar with the legend.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the movie plays out and just how buff Jake gets to play the role. Although, he is quite buff now thanks to his recent role in The Prince of Persia. They need to get started on the Joe Namath movie now so he can still be a sexy, buff man. Ooo! I really hope they talk about him guest starring on The Brady Bunch! I love that episode.

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