Jake Gyllenhaal “Can’t Say Anything Bad” About Paparazzi

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are constantly dogged by the paparazzi whether they are on set or on the street. Case in point, Jake took Reese’s son, Deacon Phillippe, out for a walk to pick up Jake’s morning coffee and there the photogs are again.

But at the junket for his new movie Brothers Jake, when asked about the Hollywood photo hounds,  dismissively claims  “Well, that’s just a little part of this job.”  Celebrities tend to fall on one side of the fence or the other when asked about the paps.  Either they act laid back and use the soundbite about it being part of the job (a lie) or they complain and are perceived as privileged and whiny.

Anyway, Jake goes on to insist “It’s part of the job, and there are days that are easier than other days.” Clearly his morning caffeine run is not one of the easier days.  Jakey looks pissed. However, he insisted at the junket, “In terms of a funny guy jumping out of the corner somewhere and catching a photo of you, it just goes along with it.” He even goes so far as to say “I can’t say anything bad about them.” 

If you hear the full clip, though, he says he can’t say anything bad because he’s already said it directly to the paps when they took the picture. Ha! Way to stay right in the middle of the fence Jake.

Gallery Info: Jake Gyllenhaal
is seen with Deacon Phillippe,Son of Jake’s girlfriend Reese Witherspoon’s, on the way to get some morning coffee – May 17th, 2009