Jake Gyllenhaal Can’t Explain How Much His Abs Mean To Him

In a recent interview with Askmen.com, Jake Gyllenhaal was asked for probably the 100th time about that damn sexy souvenir he got from filming Prince of Persia: his abs! In case you hadn’t heard, the boy is ripped now. But this time, Jake gave a playful and sarcastic answer (let’s hope!)

“I don’t know if I have enough time to go into specifically how
much they [my abs] mean to me,” the actor joked, pictured leaving an L.A. gym yesterday, keeping his physique intact. “But they make me who I am. Without them, I don’t

Cute and funny! Except I think he might have taken the joke a tiny bit too far. Has this macho role gone to the once-indie actor’s head?
“f you don’t mind, I would like to include my hair in this comment,” he went on. “And so I’d like to say my abs
have been a little upset actually that they have been covered by suits
and shirts for most of the publicity of this movie so without them,
thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about them.” Wait, who said anything about your hair?

Oh right, you’re gorgeous, we forgot. So how about a nice thank you to those bedroom eyes, too?