Jake Gyllenhaal Is Still Yummy

January 26th, 2006 // 21 Comments

A boy and his dog. There’s nothing more heartwarming.

Photos of Jake Gyllenhaal with a football after the jump.

(Photos via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Butter lover

    The dog must be a male.

  2. moi.

    yes i agree…why do i have a gut feeling jake is gay

  3. J

    I dont think he is gay. Maybe Bi, but not gay. But who knows.

  4. ThrillKill

    I don’t know about a gut feeling, Moi, but I think Jake has an ass feeling he is…

  5. uhm, yeah

    Jake is a fucking hottie. Brokeback Mountain was GREAT.

  6. PSMike

    ..and you wonder why str8 actors don’t want to play gay. It’s because of morons like you people. And, yeah, I’m gay. He might be…but you have nothing to base this on. Idiots….

  7. smroxs

    Mmmmmm. Jake. He looks like he’d be a fun boyfriend.

  8. Alex

    I am his boyfriend, but im sorry to say he is not gay at all.

  9. Straightback Mountain

    if he was gay, he would not of made the movie – too obvious. he’d be doing what tom cruise is doing – WACKO! jake is straight as an arrow.

  10. akflave

    He’s neither yummy nor gay.

  11. vixxstar

    I don’t care what he is, he is gorge and if he wanted i’d have his babies!! AND walk his dogs!!

  12. GayGreg

    well-said, PSMIKE. You can add to your comment that its no wonder gay actors won’t come out…morons—str8 and gay.

  13. ttangerine

    I’d be willing to bet he is not gay. Sorry, but a role in a movie does not a gay man make.

    And yes, he has grown up real nice. Not a big time hottie, but definitely a sweetie.

  14. Fugly Girl

    Am I the only one who doesn’t give two sh*ts about this guy? BOOOOOOOORRRRRRRING.

  15. JakeGyllenhaalAlways

    Those pics are cute. Jake is not gay and he is absolutely YUMMY and a HOTTIE. Brokeback Mountain was amazing.

  16. weetabix

    Any guy who is as hot as Jake is, AND loves dogs, is A-OK in my book. I’m a straight woman who loves Brokeback Mountain and if he and Heath want a place to make out, I will offer my home. I’ll even hold the camera after my hands stop shaking. HAWT!!!

  17. kaitlin

    I want him soooo badly.

  18. symelanguage

    Why does the adjective ‘yummy’ always ruin it for me?

  19. Niki

    oh ma god!!!! Jake is not gay he is soooooo cute n handsom!!!!!

  20. Kerry No1 Gyllenhaalic

    Jake is certainly not gay. In this society its important to teach children and younger people that its okay to be gay. Jake does this very well which shows that he is a great actor. He is one of the very few brave STRAIGHT actors who are willing to act in such a spoke about film. Heath and Gyllenhaal both STRAIGHT made a very good job. Well done…and all you HOMOPHOBES can go away. Verdict:Jake GYllenhaal not gay. Peace…..Love ya Jake xxxx

  21. Jake himself

    I am not gay! Is funny though……

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