Jake Gyllenhaal Avoids The Globes

January 18th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Where oh where was Jake last night? Possibly enjoying a bitter party of one? Well, maybe. According to a Defamer reader, Jakey was hanging out in a former gay cowboy bar.

An operative sends in this Saturday night sighting of the missing-in-gay-cowboy-action star at a hot new east side hipster hangout:

I was standing outside Silverlake’s Cha Cha Lounge Saturday night trying to figure out how in a few short weeks, the place went from the neighborhood “gay cowboy bar” (when it was called Le Bar) to a clusterfuck of mostly straight hipsters, when I spotted Jake Gyllenhaal arriving. Irony aside, we left minutes after for something a little more low key.

How perfectly fitting. However, if Anne Hathaway was cheering the team on, why was Jake avoiding the festivities? Maybe he was hanging out with Lindsay Lohan?

More photos of Jake after the jump.

AWOL At The Globes: Jake Gyllengaal Alive And Well At Former Gay Cowboy Bar [Defamer]

(Images via Jake-Addiction.net)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anna

    nobody wants to bash on Jake, haha!
    ok fine, i’ll do it. he’s human. so maybe he didn’t want to go. maybe he was jealous. maybe he didn’t want to dress up. maybe he had a zit and didn’t feel like being photographed and clucked over as the “other” guy from brokeback mountain… you know, the one who didn’t get nominated.
    but- the show still went on. and we still have plenty of other people who did go to make fun of.

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