Jake Gyllenhaal Acts Goofy When His Best Friend’s Around

Trying to decipher what the hell gossip columnist Ted Casablanca is saying often requires a decoder ring, but from what I can tell, in a recent post of his on E! Online, a little birdie told Ted of an eyewitness encounter between (presumably) Jake Gyllenhaal and BFF Austin Nichols that hinted that the two are actually much more chummy than just bros. The source spotted the two walking alongside one another in NYC, and had this to relay to Ted:

“All the while, they kept walking close to each other, like they were purposely trying to bump into each other, ya know what I mean?”

“At one point they had their heads briefly touching each other,” D.S. practically breathlessly relayed. “A short time after that came the friend’s arm around Jake and the whisper to the ear. Then, the whole block before they got to West 12th Street,” said the onlooker, J.G. & A.N. did a little digital dance. “Oh so cute!”

I do like that the source included in his/her findings that of the two, Jake’s buddy had the better booty, for those of you who keep track of those sort of things. And, once again, I feel like I’m missing some crucial information, since I’m not sure what a “little digital dance” entails. Dammit, does that mean they were doing the robot? Or were they texting each other along the way? Real gossip is hard.


More photos of Jake Gyllenhaal after his appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart after the jump.