Jake Gyllenhaal Jumps On The Funky Facial Hair Bandwagon

April 20th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Homey’s not down with that. I’m hoping the beard is for his role in Zodiac and not some sort of fashion choice.

Funky facial hair is everywhere today, especially beards, which haven’t been this common since the late 1970s, says GQ magazine style editor Adam Rapoport.

“It’s not this sort of groomed and tapered look with a line at the neck. It’s more loose and rugged,” says Rapoport. “But it’s not the big, bushy lumberjack beard. What you’re seeing with most guys is a couple-weeks’-growth sort of thing.”

The trend is an extension of the unshaven look that has been hip for years.

“(Designer) Tom Ford always has that three- or four-day growth, 365 days a year,” Rapoport says. “A lot of guys have been doing that, so taking the next step and not shaving for a few more days isn’t a big leap.”

(Images via I Heart Jake)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. moi.

    i wish he weren’t gay :(

  2. I’d shagg him in a minute… gay, straight, beard, no beard… any day, any time…. hope my boyfriend doesn’t read this.

  3. AJ

    OKay – did you really say “homey’s not down with that.”? HOMEY!!???? Oh joy oh joy – it tickles me pink to hear a reference to Homey…those were the days!!

    Your site is a blast – thanks for the chuckles!!

  4. tia

    I saw Brokeback Mountain for the first time last night. All I can say is wow …

  5. kk

    It’s too bad how he’s always hunched over like that, I can’t seem to get past it when I look at pictures of him. Stand up straight!

  6. tams

    he’s got one the best beards in the business, especially compared to actors around his age.

  7. Love ya

    Man this guy can act and is soo fine no matter what he looks like.. he’s not like the rest of HollyWeird.. love ya

  8. I met him on the 18th and the beard just added to his damn fineness! He was also very sweet and polite to us.

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