Jake Gyllenahaal Just Can’t Stay Mad At Us

Jake Gyllenhaal seems to have accepted the fact that paparazzi are all up in his grill, 24/7 and I have to say that I never feel like he makes a big stink about it, choosing not to complain about having his life invaded. Also, I saw him once in person with his shirt off and it was good, so he’s aces in my book.

So, when I see him looking distressed by being surrounded by dudes with cameras, I actually feel bad for Jake. Here he is, looking like he just wants to pay for his parking at the Medical Center in Beverly Hills. But a media swarm can’t keep agreeable Jake down for long and his annoyance is short-lived and he’s back to smiling. Oh paps, he says, you’re adorable. Let’s cuddle.

I’m guessing his visit had something to do with the tussle he had with Reese that we completely made up earlier. The fight may have been imaginary, but the injuries were very real.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN