Jake Gyllehaal Gears Up For Blockbuster

Early buzz anticipates Jake Gyllenhaal’s new mega-movie The Prince of Persia to reach Pirates of the Caribbean status. People are already talking sequel! I mean, I’d pay to see Jake’s abs again, not going to lie.

“Of course, if there’s an opportunity to do
another one and people respond to it,” Gyllenhaal told Reuters about the possibility of Prince becoming a new Disney franchise.

“I don’t think
that’s really on our mind. I think our mind is to get this one out. But
of course, it would be an honor. If an audience asks for a sequel, then
that’s an honor.”

The movie, with a budget range of about $150-200 million, is based on a popular video game series.

know … this will not appease all gamers, and I know there is a lot of
skepticism about the translation of a video game to a movie,” Gyllenhaal said, pictured in London yesterday. “But I also
feel excited that I think we’ve done something that’s better than any
of the translations that have come out thus far.”

I still don’t know if I’m feeling Jake as a 300-esque muscly warrior…I kind of liked the bedroom-eyed indie guy myself. Then again…