Jake Gyllehaal Says He Has No Friends

May 9th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Jake Gyllenhaal was down on himself in an interview with Jonathan Ross Friday in London where the actor sarcastically said he had no friends. The ladies in the audience sure were willing to solve that little problem! Check out the videos after the jump.

The newly beefy Jake said he had spent most of his time in London promoting his new film Prince of Persia, which premiered today (pictured) at the Vue Westfield, plus doing some running to keep up his muscle. Unfortunately, Jake turned down requests to take off his shirt. BOO!

By Lola Robertson

  1. dee cee

    Yep.. his bump buds are all quickies he meets in parking lots, parks etc.. and no wonder NO women, he takes them with him to fire island for vacay..

  2. Jim

    And you’re an ignorant ASS. Just because he so very realistically portrayed a man who had sex with another man does NOT make him gay, you moron. It was an acting role, you STUPID, homophobic jerk.

  3. Brett

    And you’re an ignorant ASS! Just because he so realistically portrayed a man who had sex with another man does NOT make him gay, you homophobic, ignorant moron. And just how would you know where all the gay cruising spots are, anyway? Are you experienced?

  4. suzycreamcheese

    dee cee, I don’t get it. Gay people can’t have friends?? I don’t get what one has to do with the other?

  5. muffinfluffer

    such vitriol and intolerance from the tolerance police. how does that saying go? do unto others as you would have them do unto you? i know you are but what am i? i don’t have to agree with you or like you, but it reflects on a person’s character when he vilely attacks another, however deserving it might seem. best to ignore foolishness like this and keep your center. take a lesson from MLK, friends.

  6. Luca Ponti

    He has lots of friends and fans. Thank God we have a great actor who works, and makes movies that we all enjoy. Artists ARE different than you and I. Thank God for that too.

  7. Mo

    Adam Lambert was on that same show. I bet he would have been his ~friend.

  8. dayna

    Dee Cee….please kill yourself. Seriously. It’s the right thing to do. Your mother, in particular, would be grateful.

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