Jake Gyllenhall Loves Acting, Telling Stories

There’s no doubt that moviegoers have seen Jake Gyllenhaal take on a variety of roles. From his first big screen appearance in City Slickers, to hits such as Donnie DarkoBrokeback Mountain and Source Code, the star has portrayed quite a few complex characters over the years.

Website MusicRooms.net reports that telling a unique story through those characters is the best part of acting for Gyllenhaal, who is now working on his latest film, End of Watch, with co-stars Michael Peña and America Ferrera.

PHOTOS: Jake Gyllenhaal Filming ‘End Of Watch’

“I have no agenda in myself for how I want to appear with other people,” the 30-year-old actor told the U.K.’s The Independent about acting back in 2006, after filming Brokeback Mountain. “My agenda is to tell stories that I care about and that move me.”

Gyllenhaal, whose Source Code is currently at the top of the DVD charts, was recently photographed out and about in Beverly Hills, California.

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