Jake Gyllenhaal’s Day Of Friendship, Hangs With Marcus Mumford & Jonah Hill

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Adorbs
The actors sans facial hair
Jake Gyllenhaal has just been the king of celebrity hang outs this week.

The super sexy actor was spotted out and about with Jude Law yesterday, which totally made our Monday. And he’s not letting up today. Jake had two very important hang out sessions, one with Marcus Mumford and one with Jonah Hill.

Too bad that Jake didn’t get the memo to dress up on his day date with Marcus. Also! Marcus, where’s your beautiful wife, Carey Mulligan? Can’t you all hangout together? 

Following his Marcus outing, Jake sported a jacket and hung out with Jonah. Oh look the two of them ran into America Ferrera. Adorable. Jake seems to be having quite the fun conversation with all the folks. This is truly quite a lot of hotness going on. Well, maybe not Jonah, but I’m sure he does it for someone!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from Jake’s celebrity filled play-dates. So, do you think that when celebrities see each other, whether they’ve met or not, they just become instant friends? These are things I need to know!