Jake Gyllenhaal Caught In His Underwear?

Jake Gyllenhaal’s lawyers are trying to get rid of a “fake” photo of the actor that shows him in just his underwear.  Gyllenhaal, photographed above carrying coffee and carrot juice out of Urth Cafe in West Hollywood on May 18, has been laying low lately by getting photographed arriving and leaving places.  The photo, if real, would spice things up!

PHOTOS: Jake Gyllenhaal Takes His Buzzed Head To Karate Class

A letter stating websites to take the photo down was sent to a few sources and according to The Hollywood Reporter the letter said, “as anybody could tell from a cursory examination, this is a fake picture, in which our client’s head has been pasted on the body of another person.”  If it’s fake why do they care if it circulates?  Sounds fishy to me.

The pose Gyllenhaal strikes is said to look like an album cover pose of singer Grace Jones.  His lawyers say the photo violates the actor’s legal rights.  Does this mean I can’t Photoshop Gyllenhaal’s face on a Nyan Cat without getting sued?!  I would rather see a Photoshopped Jakey in his underwear than the same photos of him walking to karate or him hanging out with Mumford and Sons.