Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off His Many Muscles For No Other Reason Than To Make Us Happy

On Mondays Jake Gyllenhaal walks around New York City with his muscles and his best punching techniques.

Well, technically he did it yesterday, but I mean, who’s really keeping track? All that matters is that Jake is buff and very sexy again. Remember him on the set of Nightcrawler? That shit was creepy. As is the trailer for the movie.

But normal Jake in NYC with his friend seems good to me. 

Also, could that shirt be any tighter? Like, you can pretty much see his abs. Jake, can you guys wear this shirt all day every day? In case you forgot, all this new found buffness is for Southpaw, the movie he’s making with my lady crush Rachel McAdams.

If this movie doesn’t finally bring them together, then I don’t think that anything will. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jake looking very sessy. I enjoy this beard length on him. Keep it Jake. Please.