Jake Gyllenhaal Shows Off A Buff, Muscley, Bruised Look And We Love It!

Jake and T-Swift
Remember when Jake and Taylor dated?! Glad that's over!
Jake Gyllenhaal has been looking all sorts of buff lately.  Along with his big meaty new muscles he was also sporting some interesting facial injuries while filming his new movie Southpaw in The Bronx.

Jake plays a boxer in the flick which explains all the cuts and bruises, must have been an intense fight.  I still think sweaty, beaten and bruised Jake is trés hot though.  Way hotter than him in that creepy Nightcrawler movie.  

No word yet on a release date for Southpaw, so I can’t tell you when we’ll see his new guns on the big screen.  Jake is playing a fighter whose rise to the top causes his life to crumble around him.  The movie also stars Rachel McAdams and 50 Cent.

Nightcrawler comes out on Halloween of course, since its creepy.  It will have its first screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.  Ugh, he really gives me goose bumps in that movie and not the good kind.  But I’d rather see deranged Jake than no Jake at all.

Speaking of deranged, I wonder what he thinks of ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s new song, which is so obviously about her exes as usual.  Probs doesn’t care, he’s too busy looking like a nice piece of man candy.

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