Jake Gyllenhaal Moves On From Minka Kelly

Jake and Minka
The couple's secret hook up.
Jake's beard
He cleaned it up, but will he ever lose it completely?
Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been linked to some of the hottest stars, but hasn’t had much luck in dating them. The 31 year-old has previously dated Taylor Swift, Kirsten Dunst, Reese Witherspoon, and can can now add Minka Kelly to his list of ex-flings.

Not to worry, though. Just days ago on June 30, Jake was spotted in Soho on a lunch date with a mystery girl. Are they just friends? More than friends? I guess we will have to wait and see. All I can say is the two looked awfully cute together.

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One can assume it was probably Minka who called off the brief fling.

Reportedly, a mutual friend told Us Weekly magazine, ‘Minka wasn’t into Jake when he first pursued her. But she decided to give Jake another chance.”

Excuse me? Give Jake Gyllenhaal a chance? Do you know who he is? I am failing, miserably, to understand how Jake’s ex-fling put him on such a low pedestal. Let’s hope this new girl values the Academy Award winning actor more than the Charlie’s Angels remake star did.

It was also reported that the ‘mystery girl’ and Jake were seen holding cups of a light colored liquid that may have been beer. Shame on them for enjoying a summer afternoon! This is no Miley Cyrus scandal, the pair are obviously of age (he’s in his thirties…) and have every right to have a beer with lunch if they so please.

My only advice for Jake. Start acting like you’re in your thirties, stop wearing juvenile, camouflage shorts and maybe, just maybe, this relationship will work out. Best of luck!