Jake Gyllenhaal Looks Good In New York Despite His Still Bandaged Hand, Has Personal Umbrella Holder

Jake's beard
He cleaned it up, but will he ever lose it completely?
Honestly, I don’t even know where to being with these photos of Jake Gyllenhaal in New York City earlier today.

OK, let’s start with the obvious. Clearly, Jake’s hand is still injured. In case you’ve forgotten, Jake pulled a Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now and broke his hand on the set of his new movie, Nightcrawler. However, he didn’t seem to let it bother him. Lovely.

Secondly, it looks as though someone has finally given Jake a sandwich! While he still looks fit, it’s not scary skinny like the last few times we saw him

And finally, how many of you are entertained by Jake’s personal umbrella holder? I don’t really understand the point of having someone hold an umbrella for you. I mean, that person ends up getting wet and then you’re probably not covered properly yourself. Have you ever had one? Can you explain it to me?

Also, I am so proud of Jake for wearing shoes that don’t look dirty. Bravo. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from his very brisk stroll. Clearly he’s late for a very important date. But for reals, if you’ve ever had an umbrella holder, explain in the comments.