Jake Gyllenhaal Looks Even Thinner On ‘Nightcrawler’ Set, Explains How He Lost The Weight

Jake G Hangs With Mumford's
Jake Gyllenhall with Mumford & Sons.
It’s almost as if Jake Gyllenhaal is wasting away right before our eyes.

I cannot wait till the actor is done filming Nightcrawler and can get back to his normal appearance. But until then we’ll just have to be content with Jake’s silly faces and his gaunt frame.

Seriously, even on the red carpet Jake looks totally different. Although I’ve gotta say his most recent shoot from Nightcrawler is probably the thinnest he’s looked. At least when he had the man bun there looked to be a little meat. 

So, did Jake go on a strict no eating diet to attain this look? Nope, apparently it was all mental. The actor told E! News:

“I can only approach things from a mental place. Like I’m playing a character who’s hungry, figuratively and literally, who’s driven in ways to do things and succeed at any cost. And I think that defines a generation in a lot of way so I wanted to get their mentally and then have it transform me physically, because I am not one to rely on science as much as I am on just sort of instinct. That’s sort of the character.”

Oh, well, I guess that works. Now if only I could lose weight like that. Check out all the photos of thin Jake in the gallery. Looking forward to getting him back to normal soon?