Jake Gyllenhaal Lets His Beard And Long Locks Flow On The Set Of ‘Everest’, Discusses Favorite Type Of Films

Erin Cosgrove | February 26, 2014 - 4:45 pm

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Now this is certainly a change from the last time we laid our eyes on Jake Gyllenhaal.

The handsome actor is currently in Rome, Italy filming for his upcoming movie, Everest. Expected to be out February 27, 2015, the film is about two separate expedition troupes that hit tragedy when a storm wipes out members of the teams, leaving eight dead.

Tragedy always seems to be lurking in the corner in Gyllenhaal’s movies, doesn’t it?

Perhaps that’s the kind of work he enjoys doing. Reflecting back on his past works, all I can really think about is The Day After Tomorrow. Years have passed since that, but for some reason it reminds me so much of Everest.

Explaining what kind of work he enjoys doing, the actor said, “many of the movies I’ve loved the most have had similar processes about rules being broken and bent.” Paint me intrigued. Will the limits be pushed in this movie as well?

He refers to acting as a strange and amazing job “because it requires great trust.” According to him, relationships between the director of a film and its actors are sacred.

Launch our gallery to see how filming has been going for the shaggy actor.

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[Photos via Pacific Coast News Online]