Jake Gyllenhaal Is Trying To Become The Scruffiest Person You Know

May 16th, 2014 // 3 Comments

If Jake Gyllenhaal had been wearing drop crotch pants, I totally would have mistaken him for Jared Leto.

The actor was spotted in New York City yesterday looking as bearded as bearded can get. And with that man bun? I won’t lie, I kind of love it on him. I have no idea why he’s growing everything out, but I love it just the same.

I think I didn’t realize just how scruffy he is now because the last few times we saw him he was really trying to be groomed on the red carpet

It’s OK Jake! Let your wild side show! So did that you know that his movie Nightcrawler has started quite the bidding war? That’s the movie where he lost a whole bunch of weight and busted his hand. Apparently everyone wants a piece of it. I just want a piece of Jake. Is that so much to ask for?

Maybe it is. But I’ll keep asking anyway. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of super bearded Jake. Is it tickling your fancy? Sound off in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. KellyO

    His character for the film Everest has a beard and long hair. Probably still finishing up the movie. Why is Jake’s hair length or facial hair such a big deal? Geez, write a story of substance about him as an actor. I feel bad for him that he gets followed around to just take pics of his beard! Leave the guy alone.

  2. Philip

    Usually his beard walks next to him.

  3. Philip

    Usually his beard just walks next to him.

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