Jake Gyllenhaal Is Really Working The Scruffy, Man Bun Look

So much hair, Jake Gyllenhaal. So much! But luckily he makes it work.

The actor was spotted in New York City yesterday, doing a bit of shopping in SoHo and showing off his luscious man locks. I’m not generally into a man bun, but I kind of like it on Jake. Although all that scruff does look better when he’s got a suit on.

Wait, does this mean he’s done shooting Everest

I so enjoyed him on the set of that movie. So, if he’s done with that, what’s Jakie got going on now? Listen, I know this is going to sound silly and a waste of his acting chops, but can he do a romantic comedy? Can someone do a romantic comedy? Can someone do a GOOD romantic comedy? I have a lot of emotions on this.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of scruffy Jake and see what kind of emotions he entices in you. Hopefully some good ones.