Jake Gyllenhaal Is In Full Hobo Mode Following His Break-Up From Alyssa Miller

January 15th, 2014 // 7 Comments

Look, Jake Gyllenhaal, you are super hot. We can both agree on this, right?

So why do you insist on dressing like a hobo when you’re out in public? We’ve talked about it once before, and I reprimanded you then. I mean, we both know how good you can actually look. I bet it’s not hard. Throw on a peacoat! You’d look so fancy.

Although maybe he’s really sad since his break-up with Alyssa Miller and just doesn’t care about life right now. I bet he went out to get some ice cream. 

Jake, may I recommend a nice rocky road. Unless you’re in LA, in which case go get some Thrifty rainbow sherbet. Cause that stuff is amazing. So, you wanna know what Jake was doing in these photos? He was trying to get a taxi, but couldn’t, and ended up running to where he needed to be. Such a man,

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of his hobo run. Wish he’d dress it up a bit more while out and about? Or do we give him a pass because he’s the Jake? Sound off in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. FO

    He’s not on the red carpet or other formal public appearance. Just walking down the NY streets, minding his own business. Maybe you should do the same, y’know?

  2. LoveLightHope

    dressing like a homeless person!? let’s hope he doesn’t get beaten to death my police officers who are subsequently found not guilty. #kellythomas

  3. Plinf

    So, a shearling jacket, olive green pants, a sparkling white tee indicate hobo? Oh, wait, there’s facial hair and a knit cap, that must be it! You’re a drip.

  4. Leave him alone. He’s not here to please your clothing ethic.

  5. rum

    He looks hot.

  6. David in the O.C.

    That’s dressing like a hobo? Your standards are extremely high. He looks gorgeous.

  7. Do Hobo’s really earny enough money to buy a coat like that ?? Let alone the desighner pants and sneakers!
    Plus ….. he may be wanting to be anonymous from people like you……..and me !

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