Jake Gyllenhaal Is Handsome In A Suit As His Movie ‘Prisoners’ Gets Rave Reviews

Jake's New Girl
Gyllenhaal Steps Out With Sports Illustrated Model
Leave it to Jake Gyllenhaal to be able to pull of sexy and talented at the same time.

The lovely, bearded man was seen waving to his adoring public earlier today as he headed into Late Night With David Letterman. I love everything about Jake in a suit, except for the fact that his shoes look like he rolled them around in dirt. You’ll see it in the gallery and it will be upsetting.

What will not be upsetting is when we finally get to see Jake’s new movie Prisoners, which is supposed to be awesome. 

You remember, Prisoners, right? It was the one where Jake is all clean shaved and Hugh Jackman is all bearded. What is it with these men and their beards? Anyway, the movie premiered at this year’s Telluride Film Festival and was an immediate hit with critics. This just makes me even more excited to see it.

But until then, we just get to stare at Jake in a suit. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos and even get a look at his dirty shoes. Excited about Prisoners? Sound off in the comments!