Jake Gyllenhaal Grabs Juice And Gets In His Truck [PHOTOS]

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The singer talked about life in the spotlight.
Holiday Lurrrve
Gyllenhaal and Swift dated in November 2010.
Swoon.  Is there anything sexier than a dude driving a pickup truck?  No.  You gals can keep your metros with their two-seater Lamborghinis, ’cause I like a man in a truck.

Jake Gyllenhaal made an early morning juice run in Los Angeles this morning, wearing a baseball cap and a grey tee.  Gyllenhaal recently shaved his beard, which we’re OK with (trucks and beards are too much).

Gyllenhaal’s Holiday ’10 paramour, Taylor Swift recently told Vogue that her upcoming heartbreak is about a past lover.  Obviously she didn’t divulge which male suitor inspired the tracks, but Swift did say that she drew inspiration from a”not recent, but absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak.”

Yeah…that’s probably Gyllenhaal.