Jake Gyllenhaal Got A Taste Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ On ‘Good Morning America’ Today

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Adorbs
The actors sans facial hair
Did you guys catch Jake Gyllenhaal on Good Morning America today?

He was there plugging his new movie Southpaw–alongside his super adorable co-star Oona Laurence (she was Matilda on Broadway!)–when the show played a song that might hold a special meaning for Jake, Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”.

And his face when it happened was hilarious! To be fair, the music was really, really soft, so maybe he didn’t actually hear it and he was just feeling awkward about being told how great he is? 

You can see the video for yourself below and tell us what you think. Honestly, I think it’s been long enough since Taylor and Jake dated to make this okay. Especially because her new boyfriend is pretty much perfection. Plus, Southpawis about fighting, “Bad Blood” is about fighting–it just made sense.

In other Jake news, aside from talking about how great his performance is in Southpaw, everyone is talking about how impressive Jake’s transition into fighter shape is. You guys did see those abs, right? According to E! News, he trained as if he was getting ready for a professional boxing match. “Gyllenhaal didn’t have any days off, training seven days a week for six months,” his trainer told E!. “We were working out three hours in the a.m., three hours in the p.m., six hours total a day, seven days a week.”

That sounds EXHAUSTING! But I guess it was worth it. I look forward to Southpaw. Check out the video of Jake on Good Morning America below, then launch the gallery for even more handsomeness from the actor.