Jake Gyllenhaal Goes Cop For ‘End Of Watch’. Yum. [PHOTOS]

We are totally digging Jake Gyllenhaal in uniform.  With a freshly-shaven head, the dreamy JG shot scenes for his new cop drama, End Of Watch today in Los Angeles with co-star Michael Pena.  Both men went on an LAPD ride-along back in July, when they witnessed the aftermath of a gang shooting.

Gyllenhaal got a rave review from his Love & Other Drugs co-star Anne Hathaway, who thinks the handsome gent is “a good guy.”  According to Earsucker, Hathaway said in an interview, “I know actors always say this about each other but he really is lovely. I worked with him on Brokeback Mountain and then five years later on Love And Other Drugs, he was a great guy then and still is. He’s a real person.”

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Last week, Gyllenhaal and sister Maggie celebrated their father’s wedding in Hawaii, where he married filmmaker and professor Kathleen Man.