Jake Gyllenhaal Smiles As He Heads To Doctor’s Office, ‘Source Code’ Tops DVD Sales

Handsome Jake Gyllenhaal has been hiding his extremely bald shaved head lately for his role in ‘End of Watch’. Still, the guy looks good as an armed man of the law. No doubt about that. Now he has another reason to smile and show off those amazing dimples. Jake’s film ‘Source Code’ is now the top of the release charts for DVD and BluRay.

“In its first week of release, Source Code sold a total of 385,656 copies, easily taking the number one position on the chart,” says a source from Just Jared.

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Seen here, Jake Gyllenhaal leaves a medical building in Beverly Hills, California on August 12th. We hope Jake is healthy and well! According to that smile, it seems like things are alright. I’m loving his laid back look here. Jake Gyllenhaal looks good dressed any way, even in cargo shorts, a plane white tee and flip flops. That is so not fair!